Anything For An Easy Life

I wouldn’t say that I’m lazy, but I do enjoy an easy life.  I like to get the maximum benefit from the minimum amount of action.  Others call it lazy, but I say it’s efficient.

With this in mind, I shocked myself when I chose to make my life more difficult by changing to a diet of food that doesn’t come wrapped in plastic.  This is part of my plan to help save the planet and all that.  Turns out that this challenge is not easy as it’s fucking tricky to find food which isn’t covered in a shit tonne of unnecessary containers and wrappings.

Now, the outcome of this diet is obviously a little more effort on my part with the planning and cooking.  But the payoff for this has been better health as I’m eating more fruit and veg, and less crap, I’m reducing my footprint on the Earth, and I’m supporting local farmers and food producers.  Totally worth the effort in my opinion.

This change in my diet led to a conversation with one of my mates as to how often we all opt for an easy life and immediate gratification.  But is an easy life the better lifestyle call?  Or is my choice to put in more effort worth it?

The world has evolved to make sure our lives are as easy as possible.  In some ways this is awesome.  For example, I now don’t have to date if I want to get laid, I can just Tinder my way to a one-night stand.  I don’t have to search an encyclopaedia to prove to my mate that Macaques in Japan steal money because they have learnt how to use vending machines (weird but true), when instead I can Google it (and yes, I did Google that).  I don’t even have to spend hours in the kitchen crafting the perfect marinade for my chicken because Tesco’s has done it for me.

But are our increasingly easy lives affecting our enjoyment and our health?

It is true to say that whilst our lives are getting longer, diseases are becoming more prevalent.  But is this caused by the increase of processed, chemical rich food that we are eating because it’s easier and often cheaper than cooking?  I don’t know, I’m not a fucking scientist (which is lucky as my experiments would be weird and completely unhelpful to society).  There is a correlation, for sure.

What I do know, is that I’d rather put fewer chemicals into my body by eating more natural foods.  I’d sooner have fun cooking with my nieces and nephew than have them believe that all food comes from packets and is cooked at 180ᵒC for 30mins.  I could spend my evenings shitting my guts out because I’d chosen fat burners as the easy option (yes, they are just fat binding laxatives and caffeine) but I reckon a walk with my mates would be a more enjoyable way of getting rid of a couple of hundred calories.

And so, yes, I could have an easy life…  I could:

  • Choose processed rather than natural food.
  • Choose binge watching Netflix rather than get enough sleep.
  • Choose ready-made chemical laden sauces rather than make my own.
  • Choose picking at junk food all day rather than accept being slightly hungry until dinner.
  • Choose emotional eating or substance abuse rather than deal with my feelings.
  • Choose the next “magic supplement” rather than better food choices and a little more activity.
  • Choose to accept my lot in life rather than make uncomfortable choices which would improve my long-term happiness.

Tell me, what are you choosing to do for an easy life?  Is it worth it?  Or would a little extra effort and being uncomfortable in the short-term improve your future happiness and health?  It’s your choice.

Don’t forget that I give plenty of quick and simple fixes to your diet, activity and mindset on my Facebook page, for those who like an easy life.  But I also give real advice without the sugar-coated bullshit for those of you who are ready to get a little uncomfortable by putting in the changes to your life which will give you sustainable life-long results.

Stay efficient, you perfect weirdos.


(The Anti-Fitness Trainer)

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