Fuck The Fitness Industry

My official job title is Personal Trainer.  So, it may be a surprise to know that I fucking hate the fitness industry.


Allow me to explain…


My foray into the healthand fitness industry started when I was 18 – half my life ago – and back then, I didn’t know any better than to accept what was being taught to us new PT’s and regurgitate it to my clients.  All fine and good.  That’s how most trainers operate.  You get your qualifications in a weekend and then get let loose onto the general public.


Now I count myself as a fairly intelligent human, which makes me wonder why even at 18, I didn’t question all the weird shit that I saw happening in gyms.  The PT’s who would write the exact same programme for all of their clients – whatever their goals were, the trainers who would discuss which of their clients they would fuck, whilst they munched on their macro-perfect lunch of rice and chicken, and laughed at the sheer number of memberships that were barely or never used (all gyms operate knowing that 25% of their clients won’t use their memberships and 50% will only come in to train 2-3 times per month).


Ah well, that’s just the way the industry is right?


So, I did my time working in other people’s gyms, and the obvious next step was to open my own.  I owned SHOKK Gym for 6 years and this is where my aha moment came.  My what the fuck am I doing and what the bloody hell is wrong with people? moment!


You see I’d like to think that I was a good gym owner and a very good personal trainer.  But I couldn’t help feeling like a hypocrite.  I absolutely knew that the best way to lose body fat was not by joining a gym.  So you can see where my problem was.  My parents brought me up to have morals.  How dare they ruin my gym business!


Yes, I wrote killer programmes, and I definitely gave solid nutrition advice.  But I was still telling people to join a gym, and that advice, for most people, is just flat out wrong.


Needless to say, I shut down the business.


But in closing the gym doors I found myself even more passionate about educating people properly about their health which is why now, today (drumroll please), I would like to welcome you to The Anti Fitness Project hosted by me, your very own Anti Fitness Trainer.

Don’t get me wrong, we all need to be fit and healthy so that we don’t die quite so soon.  But the entire fitness industry can absolutely go and fuck itself with a barbell.  Why?  Because it has spent the last 50 years lying to you and conditioning you to fail.  After all repeat customers make for an amazing business model.  And think of how many repeat customers they can get if their clients not only fail but blame themselves for failing.  Kerching!


We’re not stupid.  We all know that to burn fat we need to eat less and move more.  But the least effective way to burn extra calories is to put yourself through a punishing fitness routine 3-5 days a week in a place surrounding by weird legging-clad people who you despise yet can’t help comparing yourself to.  And the worst way to consume fewer calories is to swap out your normal diet for pondwater looking protein shakes and snot looking quinoa salad.


But what are we are sold?  An exercise programme and meal plan promoted by the hot but “I want to punch you in the vagina” Instagram model wearing shiny Lululemon and looking smug about her abs (I hope someone reminds her to breathe out after they’ve taken the photo).  Screw you, lady, and pass me another Jack and Coke.


So join me for the start of a beautiful revolution.  Where we can cancel our gym memberships and sack off Weight Watchers (oh the shame of putting on ½ a pound because you happen to have not had a shit before your weekly weigh-in).


We will be the outliers, the renegades, the misfits, the alternatives.  But also the informed.  This is the start of you getting some practical and actionable stuff – which is backed by the newest science, and years of experience – to help you sort your shit out in a way that fits whatever kind of life you are living.


Care to join me on my mission to get you feeling fricking amazing whilst also taking on the fitness industry?


And while we’re at it, we’ll pitch in together to buy that Instagram model a doughnut so we can stop looking at that pained “feed me” expression in her eyes.


Stay weird, people!


(The Anti Fitness Trainer)

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