No Plastic Diet (Part 1)

Unless you live in a cave, you have probably heard how much we have fucked up our planet.  This upsets me.  And so, I decided that I would experiment with reducing my footprint on Earth by only eating foods which don’t come wrapped in plastic packaging.  I have called it “The No Plastic Diet”.  And the plan was to document it for a month to see how it affected my health and happiness.



I am a couple of weeks into it now, so I thought I’d treat you with a little update on how it’s all working out.



It started out with a little reconnaissance mission to Asda, just to see what would be on the diet, and if it was even possible to eat plastic free.  It’s fair to say that it didn’t go well.  Who knew you can’t buy a single, loose apple at a supermarket?  It seemed that I would be living on beetroot, turnips, and melons for a month.



I hate to say it, Asda, but what a proper shit show of plastic.  But don’t worry (because I’m sure a multi-billion pound business like Asda is really going to be bricking it because of this blog), it’s not just you.  Most supermarkets, and local shops are the same.  I don’t think that I found a single thing that I could eat at my local One Stop.



But like the little soldier that I am (or was it “annoyingly persistent human” that my Mum called me?) I trekked on to Morrison’s.  Their website suggests that they are trying to be as Eco-friendly as possible.  Whilst they are absolutely not smashing the plastic free thing, they are definitely doing better than most.



The choice of loose fruit and veg items was much larger (and they have paper, not plastic bags to put your produce in), you can bring your own containers to the meat and fish counters, and most excitingly, I found cheese which is wrapped in wax (no, I don’t mean Babybels, you heathen).  And I swear it was the best I’ve ever eaten.  And I live near Cheddar, where they make the actual Cheddar cheese, so I know my cheese.



Supermarkets are basically out for most of the day-to-day food items.  I have yet to plan a trip to my local butchers and greengrocers because, well, organisation has never been my strong point.  I’m more of an ideas gal.But despite this, I did a bit of research and found the best shop in existence (well, except for “Waterstones”, obviously!) 



Take No Wrap, is a shop which specialises in Eco friendly products.  Everything is in massive vats so that you can fill up your own reusable containers.  Everything from loose tea, to chocolate, to rice.  Household goods like cleaning products are also in there.  They run regular workshops for things like up-cycling and recycling.  Plus they are a drop off point for Eco Bricks.  Bloody amazing place, and similar shops are popping up everywhere, so I urge you to jump on Google and find your local store.



This is, in a nutshell, how I’ve been doing my bit to save the planet.  I’ll give you all the final details when the month has finished.  Including the cost implications, how it has affected my day to day life, as well as any impact on my health and happiness.  But in the meantime, here are halfway realisations:



  1. Eating better is pretty much impossible unless you plan. Don’t expect to be able to keep popping to your local shop and expect good quality and nutritious food.
  2. Most places and people would rather take the path of least effort. This includes restaurants with their single use ketchups, people continuing to use plastics bags and single use cups because taking their own requires a little fore thought, and buying fruit and veg at the supermarket because it’s more convenient than supporting local greengrocers or farmer’s markets.
  3. We live in a single use society and would rather buy new than repair old. This isn’t entirely our faults, but who fucking cares.  We all need to take more responsibility to look after our own health and that of the planet.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog coming soon.  But in the meantime, hop onto my Facebook page for regular updates, and to download my No Plastic Diet guide to give you some helpful hints as to how you can reduce your plastic footprint.  

The ocean thanks you weirdos in advance.


(The Anti-Fitness Trainer)

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