THE Weight

“I have to lose THE weight”.  “The” is used in English to differentiate between information that is known and information that is not known to the reader.  If I said, “THE town”, I’d assume you’d know which town I was talking about.  The location of “A town” is far more ambiguous. Saying, “THE weight” implies […]

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Flesh Vases and Dick Flowers

“The history of Western Art is just men painting female flesh vases for their dick flowers”. Hannah Gadsby If I didn’t have an Australian girlfriend I don’t think I’d ever have heard of the comedian, Hannah Gadsby. I’ve now appointed myself as her top cheerleader. And part of that duty includes telling you to get […]

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You Are One Lucky SOB

This video describes how lucky you are to be here… Imagine you threw exactly one life preserver in one ocean… and there was exactly one turtle in all of the Earth’s oceans… the chances of you being born are the same as this one turtle… sticking his head out of the water through the middle […]

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How A Statue Named Norma Screwed You Over

Norma and Normman were average statues.  That is, the statues’ proportions were average.  They were the result of measuring body sizes of tens of thousands of white American males and females.  The average of all these measurements created the blueprints for Norm and Normman’s bodies.  They represented the epitome of average Americans.  Or so everyone […]

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You Ask The Wrong Questions

“How do I get fit?” This is hands down, the number one question I get asked. But that’s only because no one teaches you to ask the right ones. “How do I get fit?” allows the fitness industry to give you an answer which makes them money, regardless of whether or not it gives you […]

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You Are Not a Robot

Your body is not a machine. Humans, like all animals, aren’t rational like robots are. That’s why most of the time fixed ‘people-rules’ like maths or science can’t be applied to them. I often hear, from the calorie counting gang that you “can’t argue with calories in, calories out physics”. Cool story, bro. Except that […]

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Gyms Are About the Notion of Fitness

Science has agreed on the definition of “fitness” being the ability to go about your day-to-day life with relative ease, plus the ability to deal with likely emergencies. Gyms aren’t interested in making us fit. They exist to sell us their version of fitness, whether that matches our needs or not. Theirs is a mere […]

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At the Weekends I Feed My Brain

I love the weekends. They’re when my brain gets fed with what it craves. And I’m not talking glucose (anatomy joke). I mean knowledge. I rarely have a plan. Some random book, article, documentary, or film will always catch my eye. And I always trust that my gut has caused me to notice it on […]

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Satisfaction is Always Available

“Satisfaction is always available. It is just not always looked for. If, when you enter any experience, you enter with curiosity, respect and interest you will emerge enriched and with awareness you have been enriched. Awareness of enrichment is what satisfaction is.” Ann Hastings Taken from James Clear’s newsletter (author of Atomic Habits) which promises […]

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Humans Have Evolved to Chill

I am from the UK, and as such enjoy “a nice sit down”. But a love of sitting isn’t confined just to this tiny island. In fact, it isn’t even just common in humans. Chilling is mandatory across the entire animal kingdom. Animals aren’t wasteful of calories by doing frivolous things like exercise. Lions don’t […]

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