At the Weekends I Feed My Brain

I love the weekends. They’re when my brain gets fed with what it craves. And I’m not talking glucose (anatomy joke). I mean knowledge.

I rarely have a plan. Some random book, article, documentary, or film will always catch my eye. And I always trust that my gut has caused me to notice it on purpose. My gut is normally right… it’s way smarter than my brain is.

This weekend I learned about Quantum Mechanics. On Friday night I had no clue that this would be the thing I absolutely 100% needed to know. But, yet again my gut was right. Because by Sunday, I was well and truly Alice.

There’s something very wrong with a schooling system that causes us to celebrate when we stop education at 18. Did you stop learning then? Because we can only ever SEE and UNDERSTAND what we already KNOW. So aim to know as much as you can.