Gyms Are About the Notion of Fitness

Science has agreed on the definition of “fitness” being the ability to go about your day-to-day life with relative ease, plus the ability to deal with likely emergencies.

Gyms aren’t interested in making us fit. They exist to sell us their version of fitness, whether that matches our needs or not. Theirs is a mere notion of fitness…

  1. Their version doesn’t actually meet the definition of fitness.
  2. Sexual attractiveness and mating is a huge under-text of their version.
  3. They have redefined fitness to mean the ability to achieve a pre-defined, medicalized version of it e.g. heart rates, VO2 Max, BMI.
  4. They are allowed to constantly redefine their definition.

(Paraphrased from the book, “Fitness Culture: Gyms and the Commercialisation of Discipline and Fun” by Roberta Sassatelli.