Snake or Rope?

My awesome mindset coach, Emily Chadbourne, recounted a famous analogy during a group session this morning… Imagine you glimpsed a snake in the corner of your vision. You’d likely spin around super quick, with a pumping heart, muscles tensed, and possibly a little bit of wee trickling down your thigh. But what happens when you […]

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Could You Blow Up a Building?

About 3 years ago I read a statement about people that changed my entire world… People are doing the best that they can with the tools that they have available at the time. Neuro-Linguistic Programming Law Read that again. People are always doing their best. What their best displays itself as is based on upbringing, […]

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My GF is Wise AF

Because of pandemics and 6 months of honeymoon love, I found myself in the position of spending the last year sitting down whilst eating a tonne of crisps. And as well as the delightful salty snacks, and sofa cuddles, I also gained a different body shape. And I loved every second of it. That is, […]

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Modern Exercise is Like Junk Food

I read a LOT. The last wisdom-filled pages I read were written by Katy Bowman in her collection of essays titled, “Movement Matters”. And it is a fucking excellent book. It’s refreshing to find someone else who shares my view of modern exercise. Most people can’t speak about movement unless it is through a Fitness […]

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