Modern Exercise is Like Junk Food

I read a LOT. The last wisdom-filled pages I read were written by Katy Bowman in her collection of essays titled, “Movement Matters”. And it is a fucking excellent book. It’s refreshing to find someone else who shares my view of modern exercise. Most people can’t speak about movement unless it is through a Fitness Industry frame, even if they don’t notice themselves doing it. But Katy gets it. She knows her shit…

The bulk of exercises we’re told to do are human-made. They contain elements of nature – an elbow bend, an extended hip, an arched back – but they’re blended with other motions, specially manufactured equipment, a special building, required footwear, and the right outfit. Our exercises are like processed food. They’re not necessarily the most nutritious; they’re just the easiest to produce within our sedentary lifestyle. They’re all that we know to eat because we come from a sedentary culture where there’s hardly anyone left to hand down the practice of movement.”

Katy Bowman, Movement Matters.

Bloody love you Katy. You’re my new favourite human.

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