You Don’t Have to Be an Expert in Throwing

One of my special life skills is throwing. I have always been able to throw stuff reasonably far and with decent accuracy. It’s a pointless skill but it makes me happy.

But apparently, there are ‘right‘ and ‘wrong‘ ways to throw. There are techniques that must be followed, and the rules are different for each individual item. But often, the right way according to sports coaching professionals is the wrong way for my individual body.

I get higher scores when I throw darts like I throw a tennis ball. My javelin distances were excellent until my PE teacher taught me the ‘proper‘ technique. Netball players get really pissy when I score goals with a basketball technique.

But who cares. I never threw stuff because I wanted a career out of it. I just did it because I liked it. Practicing ‘proper’ technique until I was professional standard didn’t interest me.

Can we please stop scaring or boring kids out of moving by insisting they learn how to do it ‘properly’? Instead, just let them have fun and explore how their body moves. Let’s save the ‘proper’ coaching for the kids who care about being perfect, and teach everyone else it’s OK not to be.

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