We Steal Exercise From Ourselves

I often say that our movement has been stolen from us by the Fitness Industry. But let’s be honest, they didn’t have to steal anything… we give it to them.

Our culture trains humans to be non-movers right from childhood… “Jonny, sit down”. “Naomi, don’t climb on that”. “Billy, stop jumping on the sofa… no you can’t build a fort with the cushions”.

We make our tiny humans sit on tiny plastic chairs all day so that they can learn how to be good little workers when they get bigger. Adults only allow their children to move at the correct times, with the correct equipment, under the correct rules and guidance.

All of this training leaves us as the sedentary adults which most of us are. So yes, the Fitness Industry doesn’t have to steal anything, we give them an ‘in’. We don’t just give them the keys to our movement, we leave the door to it wide open and have a cuppa and a few biccies on the coffee table for them as a welcome gift.

You know how to move. You were born to do it. Trust yourself and get your incredible body moving any way you want. You are the expert in your own body. There is no way you can get this wrong.

If you enjoyed this please share. It’s time that we claimed movement back from an industry that is just looking to profit from keeping us mostly still.