Dear Body, I Trust You

When we trust a book, or an app, or a smartwatch/phone/scale/whatever more than we trust our own body it should read as a warning sign. A clear signal that we may be veering off in the wrong direction.

I mean, how arrogant would a culture need to be to presume that they could invent technology that can read a body’s needs better than millions of years of evolution can?

All evidence shows that neither our health nor our happiness is improving with these devices. But yet we can’t put them down, and we can’t give up our trust in them and put it back in our body.

I don’t need a watch to tell me how well I’ve slept if I can notice how well rested I feel in the morning. I don’t need an app to tell me how many calories I have left to eat if I can notice how hungry I feel. And I don’t need bathroom scales to tell me if I’m healthy if I can pay constant attention to how I feel in my mind, body, and soul – oh, and of course remember that body weight has bugger all to do with my health anyway!