Wait For It…

Time as we know it isn’t a thing. It was made up.

Numbers and calenders and clocks made profit-making and record-keeping easier, but that doesn’t make time a universal truth. The universe keeps its own time.

Universal time is kept by a cyclical, constantly recurring series of natural phenomena. Human time is simply a linear interpretation of them. Nature doesn’t have a past present or future, it just is. All it has is this very moment and so do you. Is it time to take that moment back?

Stop putting things off until an arbitrary man-made date or time.

What if the universe knows when it’s the best time for you to change, just like it knows the best time to change seasons and make the sun rise? Maybe it’s trying its hardest to tell you, but you keep using ‘time’ as a reason to hide from it.

What if that uncomfortable, agitated feeling in your soul and your guts is telling you that this moment is the very moment… not Monday… not when you’re thin enough… not when you feel ready.

Maybe this very moment is the moment.