Grey-Suited F*ckery

My girlfriend and I have just had a conversation about politics, and that’s quite unusual for me nowadays.  It’s strange because 3 years ago I was an avid follower of the grey-suited fuckery that goes down in the halls of Parliament.  Now, I see it in a different light.

Politics is nothing more than a bunch of made-up rules posing as the “truth” about the most successful way to live.  But is it really?  After all, experience shows us that what we believe to be unbending truth today is just another outdated law tomorrow.  The budget that is currently ring-fenced, is released to pay for Party lunches next week.  And the new young politician with all the revolutionary ideas will turn into just another sad sack playing the same game as the rest in no time.

Other ways of living exist, and some even do better in terms of happiness, equality, kindness to other people and to the planet.  But we are told that they aren’t successful because they don’t meet our current cultural view of what “success” means – continual growth of profits.

The same bullshit happens in the fitness industry.  We are sold a system of “truth” and told that it’s the only one that is correct.  Whether they are right or not, however, depends on how you define success.  If success means the highest calorie burn, or the most measurable results, or the largest amount of equipment, or the highest in profit-making potential for the industry, or the most stress-producing, or the biggest focus on appearance, then yes, they win.  But that’s not success to me.

I define moving my body successfully as becoming better at my daily life activities, removing stress and feeling more human, adding to my day in a beneficial way instead of adding another chore to my to-do list, bringing me joy, relaxing the obsession with appearance and instead focusing on how I feel, and allowing me to share my time with all of my friends and family.  That’s success, and the fitness industry doesn’t deal in those metrics.

Which metrics will you choose to use?