I’ve Been Selfish

My business was built on bravery.  I was the personal trainer who chose to call out the fitness industry for their shitty industry practices.  But since then, I’ve sort of plateaued when it’s come to the bravery stakes.  Between then and now, the shit I know and have experienced has skyrocketed, but have been far too diplomatic and timid about sharing most of it.  But it’s time for that to change because the universe needs brave people. 

You see, we each have a voice that no one else could possibly have.  No one else but me has lived my life.  My experiences and the way I interpreted them are completely unique.  And it is only my brain that could possibly have chosen to pair them with the memories and beliefs that it did, and the same is true for you.  Our thoughts and ideas are created from a completely unique mix of our individual past, present, and ideas of the future, and so it is ONLY us that can have them as we do.  And keeping them to ourselves is pretty selfish.

Keeping our ideas from the world could deny another person the one explanation or bit of inspiration that helps them in their journey through life, and I’m not willing to do that any longer.

I firmly believe that the universe carved out an individual ‘us’ shaped hole and that it is no accident that we’ve shown up exactly as we are to fill it.  Will you join me in fully taking up that space, the hole that has been waiting for you?  Will you claim your voice and speak your truth?  Or will you hang back in the shadows and keep your perfectly distinct and exceptional voice all to yourself?