If the Fitness Industry Was Honest

I listened to a fitness podcast today as I was walking. And the host shocked the hell out of me by admitting that the fitness industry fails most of the time. It got me to thinking… what if the fitness industry was more honest more of the time? What could their ads and articles look like then…

“We tell you we know everything there is to know about fitness but our industry is only 60 years old. That’s not even old enough to study one exerciser’s life span.”

“We make over $95 billion a year and most of that cash comes from people who don’t turn up. It’s a business model that keeps memberships affordable. The ones who don’t come in subsidise memberships for the few that do. So thank you!”

“90% of our trainers will quit their jobs in their first year. This means only 10% of trainers have any real experience.”

“We only manage to convince about 10% of the population to use us even though we’re the experts on fitness. And nearly 70% of those memberships are completely unused. Logic would infer that they quit because they hate it or it doesn’t work for them.”

Now, I know not many companies are completely honest in their marketing. But if only a tiny percentage of people who engage with a company get any long-term success you’d think they’d be prohibited from claiming that it works for everyone? Oh, that’s right though, they can get away with it if they blame you for quitting, can’t they? I bet you believed it was your fault, didn’t you?

(Stats from policyadvice.net and exercise.com)