Fancy Ice Poles

I decided I wanted ice poles.  They are bloody perfect bits of deliciousness for when you fancy something sweet but aren’t actually hungry.  Normally I just get the basic cheap-as-shit ones, but this time I got tempted into buying something fancy.  Big mistake.

Cheap ice poles are perfect precisely because they’re basic and cheap.  They taste like nothing that exists in nature.  Like the blue ones do not taste like raspberries, they taste of blue.  We know this, and this is why we love them.  The fancy ones, however, tried to be all creative by giving me apple and raspberry ones that actually taste like fucking fruit.  WTF?!!  Not cool, Robinsons.  Why you gotta try and be all fancy?  Not cool at all.

I have a similar thing to say to the fitness industry…

“Why are you trying to make something which is so perfectly perfect in its basic form – movement – all fancy and complicated?  We don’t need it to be, and quite frankly you’re fucking it up for all of us.”  Not cool at all.