Lady Times (and I don’t mean in a fun, lesbian way!)

I had big plans today to do a fuck tonne of work. But Mother Nature had other plans for me and my uterus. Today was the beginning of shark week (my period!).

Five years ago, the beginning of my period would have meant forcing myself to go to work and fake my best customer service smile, while trying not to throw dumbbells at the people who didn’t rerack them. Unsurprisingly this force created nothing but pain, anger, and resentment mostly aimed at me for being such a shit human. Today, you’ll be glad to hear is not the same.

Today I recognise that this point in my cycle does not mean I lament lost “productivity” (code for busy work and time-stress), it means I embrace a few days of rest and reflection. No, I may not be as creative as I am during the rest of the month, but I learn a helluva lot more than I normally do. And that’s definitely not time lost. It’s life energy gained minus the resentment.