I “violate community standards” but fatphobia doesn’t


My friend and I were discussing different people’s names for ice poles on social media, and I mentioned that Australians call them Zooper Doopers. Rightly, she replied, “that’s the craziest name I’ve heard for them yet!”. And so I commented, “Australian’s are crazy! *laugh emoji*”. Almost immediately Facebook removed the comment, citing that it “violated their community standards for hate speech”.

OK, I can roll with that. If Facebook wants zero offensive commenting on their platform, then I am not going to complain. However… HOW THE FUCK DOES THIS NOT VIOLATE THEIR RULES?…

I think the first picture gives all the context the screenshots need, but just in case you need more clarity here, here it is; Facebook allowed the creation of a group named “Make Fats Thin Again”. It saw no problem with allowing members of this group to post extremely fatphobic memes and comments in a body acceptance group. And I’ve just checked, the group is still up and running with a “healthy” 183 and 4 posts per week.


This isn’t hate speech? Or is it OK if it’s thinly veiled under the concern of health (which this group clearly doesn’t give two shits about if they’re willing to damage people’s mental health so obviously and intentionally)? Body fat has never been proven to kill anyone, but do you know what has? Bullying.

I don’t often ask this of people, but please share this email if you think this is unacceptable from a company that has the power to manipulate opinions so easily. Thank you.