My stomach doesn’t rumble

Over hundreds of years of being conditioned not to trust our own body’s cues, we have found new gurus to tell us what we should be doing and when. In many cases, this new god of our personal experience is the TV. Hunger and thirst are great examples of this phenomenon.

I can’t tell you how many clients over the years told me that they never feel hungry in the day, but they binge each night on chocolate Hobnobs. But after talking to them I realised that it’s because they’re looking for the “TV signs” of when to eat and drink – a rumbling stomach, and dry throat. I don’t know about you, but my body’s signals don’t feel like that at all:

HUNGER = hanger, lack of motivation, eventually leading to a really sick feeling and repulsion at the thought of eating.

THIRST = uncontrollable yawning.

One of the first keys to trusting your body again is to figure out what YOUR personal hunger and thirst cues are and HONOUR them every single time. Oh, and maybe stop watching so much TV!