Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Ugh, I hate the terms, “tips and tricks”, and “hacks” so damn much. But the words do reveal a lot about what we think of ourselves as humans.

We can’t think very highly of ourselves if we believe that we can trick our body or mind into acting in a way it isn’t already. Or that we all we need in order to change is a hack that will prove better than millions of years of careful evolution.

How would the way we think of ourselves be different if we accepted as a given that how we are right now is EXACTLY who we are meant to be, based on the knowledge, experience, and needs that we currently have to work with? A hack or tip can’t help change those key elements of change, in fact, it might even set us backwards if we did get some success using them, as we’d be attempting something that we don’t have the foundations to deal with yet. Do you know why so many Lottery winners end up bankrupt? They get the cash but with none of the foundations needed to have that sort of money.

You’re not a robot, there are no quick updates. Stop looking for tricks. Start focussing on what sort of person you need to evolve into to become the person who achieves your goals. And that person deserves a solid foundation, not a shaky one built on quick tips.