oddly, I love bodybuilding

For someone who hates gyms and the whole fitness industry, I’ve got to say, I still bloody love the sport (art?) of bodybuilding. THAT is what the fitness industry was designed for.

It was made for the technicalities that building physiques like theirs demand. Where every rep, every kilogram, and every calorie really could make the difference. Those tiny details that make zero difference for us non-genetically gifted (and non-steroid-fuelled) folks, for them could mean a trophy handed over by Arnie himself.

Bodybuilders don’t bother pretending that their training regimes have anything to do with health. It’s aesthetics all the way, and they are unapologetic about it. They know they are amongst the very few who can actually stick to gym and diet regimes. And they’re more than willing to give up their quality of life for them.

The Fitness Industry must stop passing out its watered-down bodybuilding advice to us mere mortals when it plans our health and fitness routines. It wasn’t created for us.

If you want to know what was created for us, keep an eye on my Facebook page. The first-ever Anti-Fitness Project Programme is nearly ready to go (that’s about as salesy as this blog is ever going to get!).