The Status Quo

I started to write the social media sales copy for my new Anti-Fitness programme today. And it felt weird and scary AF. No human wants to step away from the status quo, and this programme does it big time.

You see, if I’m wrong about what I’m saying, then all good, normal service is resumed with a weight loss industry that supports millions of people in a lovely hug of self-loathing and supportive failure to achieve long-term contentment and joy can continue to do its thing. My failure would preserve the status quo.

But if I’m right, I could help to bring the world closer to the utopia of self-acceptance, compassion, love, and fricking awesomeness that I know can happen. And that realisation is scary!

Often, the easiest thing is to leave things be. But do I want to live in a world of easy sadness? Do you? What can you do today to change a status quo which no longer works for what you truly want out of life? Are you willing to be scared enough to try?