Weight Loss is a Pyramid scheme

I recently watched the excellent documentary mini-series “LuLaRich”, about the MLM, LulaRoe, and it got me to thinking.  The Weight Loss Industry is pretty similar to an MLM/pyramid scheme really, isn’t it?

  1. You’re told that the because the system works for a few people, it’ll work for everyone.
  2. You’re told that if the system doesn’t work for you, it’s never the systems fault, it’s yours.  Either you didn’t follow it properly, or you didn’t put enough effort in.
  3. At some point you’ll realise how much time and money you’ve put into a system which isn’t actually benefitting you like you were promised it would. 

So yeah, it’s time that the whole MLM bollocks ended, and the “diet and exercise makes everyone thin and healthy” charade too.  Both just suck time, money, and self-esteem from pretty much everyone in the end. It’s time to get out now.