Facebook’s f*ck up helped me

Facebook going down yesterday reminded me of something important.  That I have handed over ALL control of my business marketing voice to these social media platforms.

I have about 1500 followers over Facebook and Instagram, but if those platforms disappear, my business would be screwed.  How would I even begin to find that many people to talk to again?  I absolutely should have paid more attention to growing my email lists or connecting with people in real life – things that I have full control over.

And then it occurred to me that most of us do a similar thing in real life with control of our bodies.  We hand it over to someone else – it could be nutrition science, or the fitness industry, or a mindset guru.  But what happens when those experts disappear, or the advice changes and you aren’t sure who to trust?

If or when that happens you won’t have anyone to turn to for advice.  You’ll have spent so long listening to other people tell you what to do with your own body that you’ll have forgotten to spend time learning how to talk to the one true expert that’s never going to leave you… you!

Facebook has successfully reminded me that I need to take back control of my own business voice.  And I am here to remind you that you need to take back control of your own body.  Learn how to listen to its voice.

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