Paralysed By Paint

Too many choices not only restrict our ability to make decisions (decision paralysis), but it often also gives more weight and importance to the choice than is really necessary.

I went paint shopping at the weekend and was astounded by the utterly ridiculous number of colours I had to pick from.  Do I really need to pick between 50 shades of cream?  Fuck no!  Three or four would do it.

More shades just mean the decision grows in importance making it way more stressful to make than is truly necessary.  It becomes hard to remember that no one is going to regret picking “Cookies and Cream” instead of “Dusty Cream” – they look the fucking same!

It’s the same with exercise.  The sheer variety of training protocols makes exercise choice seem far more relevant to health and fitness than it really is.  Your body doesn’t care if you do 10 reps or 12 reps, or just pick up a rock; it just needs to move heavy things.  It doesn’t know if you put a 5% or 6% incline on the treadmill, or if you just pop to your corner shop for snacks; it just needs to move.

Like when picking paint, give movement the right level of consideration – not too much at all.