I exercise in jeans

I’ve always found the idea of exercise clothes weird. Obviously, there is some specialist stuff for certain activities, like martial arts pajamas, or fencing jackets, or Lycra for shaving 0.008 seconds off a sprint time. That’s not what I mean. I’m talking about “activewear”.

Very few types of general exercise require a costume change when you really think about it. How many kids demand special playground clothes before going to play?

Insisting on getting changed for exercise makes most of us less likely to do it – it’s an added step, an additional barrier to participation. And it’s now just been made into a separate part of your day. It’s been put on a pedestal as something extra that needs thought and intention.

Movement should be part of your everyday instead of a specially separated and taxing task only done if you can figure out the time and energy requirements. You can make movement part of your identity far more easily if you embrace it as just that – part of life, not something you need special preparation for.

If I want to run, or climb, or walk, or lift heavy things, I just go and do it. I don’t need activewear. Except maybe just a change of shoes; It’s damn hard to run in Vans or DC’s!