Did You KNow You’re Fighting Fire With Fire?

A well-known PT posted today about a douchebag radio presenter body shaming a 19-year-old celeb. The DJ felt the need to describe her as “chubby”. The PT did good and called the guy out. Nice one! But that led to a problem…

His supporters commented. A lot.

They were rightly pissed off at the radio guy. But their anger was articulated using a tonne of body shaming and “lookism” comments directed right back at him.

If you don’t see that there’s a problem with calling out body shaming with body shaming then YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. Don’t respond to a “chubby” insult with a “you’re ugly” one, or “I bet you’re single”, or “I hope there are no mirrors in your house”.

Do I really need to say this?!!