Retry the couscous

When I was about 13, I went on a school exchange trip to France and tried couscous for the time. It was part of the French school cafeteria lunch tray and was so far removed from the standard English ham sandwiches I was used to. I was a really choosy eater as a kid, so needless to say I fucking hated it!

Last year I tried couscous again for the first time since that fancy French school dinner disaster, and fuck me, that is some good eating! I honestly now believe it is one the most underrated foods there is – bloody delicious and so fricking versatile.

It dawned on me that I had denied myself the beauty that is couscous simply because I was tied into a 20-year-old story that I still assumed to be the real truth. I let go of the story and my food world changed.

What stories would it serve you to let go of today? Do you need to retry the metaphorical couscous as a new self instead of an old version of you that is no longer working?