500 days away from my girl

My girl, Naomi, lands on UK soil in 32 days!  I’m so f*cking excited.

To catch you up if you’re new here, she’s Australian.  And because of stupid global fuckery, I haven’t seen her in person for almost 500 days.  It’s been a long ol’ wait, for sure!

However, there is a downside to this amazing news – now that I have a countdown my days have gotten soooooooo long, and I’m bored.

Now of course I could fix my boredom by doing something productive, like be more engaging and creative in the Anti-Fitness Project.  But no, that’s not how brains work.  Instead, for the last few weeks, I completely detached from everything.

I’ve barely posted on the socials, not done much creation of new stuff to share with you, I haven’t written many daily musing emails, I’ve barely moved.  In fact, all I’ve really done is just a lot of confirming to myself how bored I am.  Because that actually IS how brains work.

You see, we all have stories we tell ourselves about how we think life is.  For me right now it’s that I’m just counting down the dull days until my GF finally gets here.  But for you it might be that you’re uncomfortable in your body, or that you are addicted to chocolate, or too unfit to do anything.  Or maybe you just know that even though you put on a body positive front, deep down you still secretly wish you were smaller.

But remember, these are only stories; they’re like the fairy tales we tell kids.  What we often forget is that like a fairy tale we get to choose whether to believe them as the truth and spend our days waiting for our prince or princess to come and save us.  Or we could recognise them for the made-up tales that they are, put the storybook back on the shelf, and save ourselves instead.

That’s what this post is doing for me right now… it’s me saving myself from my own story.