No More Goldfish

Words often get cut from the dictionary.  Old, unused words get replaced by newer ones, more relevant to our society.  It makes sense.  But it also reveals a lot about the direction our culture is taking.

I just read an article written in 2017 by which said that these words were removed from the Children’s Oxford Dictionary: Acorn, almond, apricot, ash, beech, blackberry, bloom, bramble, buttercup, carnation, cauliflower, cheetah, clover, colt, crocus, dandelion, fern, ferret, fungus, gooseberry, goldfish, herring, ivy, mint, monarch, minnow, nectar, otter, oyster, panther, pelican, porcupine, porpoise, pasture, primrose, raven, thrush, tulip, violet, willow, weasel, wren.

They were replaced by: Allergic, analog, boisterous, block, chatroom, classified, compulsory, creep, cut & paste, database, donate, dyslexic, MP3 player, vandalism, voicemail.

Times must change, of course, but should we start paying more attention to the direction they are going in before we find all our minnows replaced by MP3 players, and cheetahs given up for chatrooms?