The Apprentice

I’ve been binge-watching old series of The Apprentice – the original series obviously, not the shitty celebrity ones which are won and lost according to who has the richest celebrity friends.  I’m watching the ones which show how “real business” should be done.  And honestly, I forgot how manipulative their sale processes were.

Their entire sales models are about scheming and controlling the customer until they made them buy whatever was being sold.  There was never a conversation about whether the potential client wanted the product, instead, it was just about whether they could afford it.

Even though that show started over 15 years ago, many in business still work to that same model.  I’m just here to remind you that there is another way…

“Marketing [and sales] is the generous act of helping someone solve a problem.  Their problem.  Marketing helps others become what they seek to become.”

Seth Godin

Remember that quote the next time you are selling or being sold anything.  Let’s make the world a more respectful place to be, yeah?