Shortest or fastest?

I was away for the weekend driving in completely unknown areas so had to rely entirely on a sat-nav to get me about.

Halfway through one trip, it proudly announced, “The route ahead has 10 minutes of delays so I have rerouted you”. I found it so fricking strange that my tech would assume that I was too impatient or in too much of a rush to wait for 10 MINUTES. That it would decide that getting somewhere as quickly as possible would be my priority.

And yeah yeah, I hear you say that it’s the settings. That I could’ve had them set to shortest journey instead of fastest. But what kind of choice is that?

Where’s the setting that lets me pick the most beautiful, or most fun, or the route that gives me more time with my fellow passengers, or the best route to spark interesting conversations? What kind of world are we creating when speed and efficiency are our top priorities? How does that affect everything else that we do?

Think about your own internal human sat-nav which you use to direct you in your life… what’s yours set to?