My Sh*tty free pen

There’s a printer cartridge company I use solely because it gives away a free pen with every order.  But it’s not just any shitty free pen.  Oh no!  This shitty free pen is one of the best writing implements I’ve ever used – even better than the expensive Parker pens that I buy to feed my stationery habit.

Today I told my girlfriend that she had to try out this wonderous pen and handed it over like King Arthur showing off Excalibur.

However, she wrote three words with it and said something along the lines of “Ugh… Noooooo… OMG, this pen is so gross and now I feel all itchy.”

This story is your regular reminder that we each see the world in very different ways, and consequently, WE ARE ALLOWED LIKE DIFFERENT THINGS WITHOUT THE WORLD EXPLODING!  You’re welcome.

Oh, and well-done Cartridge Save for your excellent shitty free pens!  I still think they’re awesome.