Welcome, You Glorious Weirdo.

Yay, you’re here. Finally!

It’s taken you a while, but you’ve made it. Well done! It must have taken some cajones. It’s only the brave souls who would click on a business called Anti-Fitness. I named it that for a reason… to find people just like you.

I’m not looking for the average. There are gyms, dieticians, and lifestyle coaches that exist for them. I’m more interested in the extraordinary. People like you.

Society has distracted you by telling you that you will find extraordinary in the wrong things. It tells you to look for it in diets and exercise routines, and work, and a positive mindset. Spoiler alert: these paths only lead to burnout, stress, a higher body weight, and you still won’t feel good enough.

I’m not pretending to have the perfect solution for you. There are 7.7 billion people on the planet and none are the same. Which means no one is going to have your perfect solution, except you. And I’m going to use my knowledge and experience to help you find it.

climb out of society’s box labeled, “who you should be”. You’ve kept yourself small for long enough now. Why don’t we teach you to smash the damn box and breathe deep instead. Welcome to life!