Celebrate All Bodies

Here are some of my favourite artists who are doing to the work we all need to in order to normalise all bodies.
supporting their social media helps them make more of this incredible and empowering art. You can also purchase their work via their links shown… some even take commissioned work, so why not treat yourself!


Nikisha Garrett

Nikisha Garrett is a multi-media artist based in Oxfordshire, UK.  Contact her on Facebook or Instagram for original prints and commissions.  And make sure you check out the great work she is doing with The Black Visions Collective.

Goodstrangevibes (Louise Brown)

Goodstrangevibes (AKA Louise Brown) produces playful nude illustrations on subjects such as mental health and body positivity.  The status quo better watch out!  Check out her Instagram, or be bold and dive straight into her shop

Kat Richardson

Kat Richardson is an Australian writer and illustrator who also works in educational design… very fancy!  There’s also a weekly blog if you’re keen to check out more of her work.  Go straight to her website for her blog and shop (which also has some cool t-shirts), or see all of her work on Instagram.

Where Are My Tits

Sam, AKA Where Are My Tits, is a contemporary artist who uses art to explore the world of body image and body positivity.  Interestingly a lot of her work also looks at male mental health and body image issues.  Check her out on Instagram or take a peek at the amazing sketchbook work she produces on her website.

Feelings By Cat

Welcome Cat Cakmis and her amazing collection of “feelsy doods”.  I would highly recommend checking out her Instagram and her website, it bloody sells stickers!  Love me a sticker… as my laptop will attest to.

Laura Harrison

A poet and dreamer from Manchester, UK, Laura excels in work about love, life, loss and everything in between.


Check out her website  for more poetry and links to grab her awesome books.