Clare’s Story

“I put on weight and was struggling with my mental health. Something had to give. So I unfollowed all the accounts that made me feel shit. Also instead of looking in the mirror and pointing out all my flaws, I started to point out thing I like (my nose ring, eye colour) simple things. And for me it works.

I also just wear what i want depending on how I feel, whether that’s full 1950’s outfit, to jogging bottoms, to a suit and bow tie. I wear what I feel comfortable in that day.

Now, if I don’t like my arms one day I’ll wear long sleeves, or if I don’t like my tummy I’ll wear a less fitted dress. Just because I don’t like a body part for a day doesn’t mean I’d let it affect the rest of my life.

I remember that my body keeps me alive even during those times when my brain wants to end it all. You can’t be mad at it.

In my wardrobe are sizes UK 6 to 24. It’s just a number and I don’t get hung up on it. What you feel and see in the mirror is more important.

I now know that I love food more than I love fitting into a size 10. Plus my dog and cats don’t give a fuck what size I am. I can still feed them, water them, and love them whether I’m a size 0 or 20.”

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