Dom Rights Your Words

Yes, anyone and everyone can write.  BUT…

…the difference between a professional writer and everyone else is that the pro is a master at writing words that do very intentional things.

"Thanks Dom for being so incredibly talented and turning my scrappy brain dump thoughts and ideas into a true piece of work that makes sense, hits my target market, is of service, and is a pleasure to read."
Sarah Carrie
Business Coach
This is me, Dominique... Hi!

Do You Need Words That...

  • Sell your products or services?
  • Encourage people to click on a ‘subscribe’ button?
  • Get people to follow your social media?
  • Make you seem smart and original?
  • Set you up as an expert in your field?
  • Help you win an award or a grant?
  • Sell your skills and personality?
  • Get bums on seats or feet on the ground for an event?
  • Find a new, original USP or angle for you or your business?

Good news!  I can write you words that do all those things.

Good copywriting isn’t just writing a legible sentence with no errors (that’s just a free bonus with each purchase!). 

When you hire a copywriter, you aren’t just hiring a typist, proof-reader, or editor.  You’re hiring a deep thinker, a marketing expert, a business consultant, a human behaviourist, and more. 

And the best thing is that they can write as if all the words came from your own fair hand…

Need an informal, chatty blog?  …I can absolutely help you out, there.

After more of a technical, professional website?  …I can certainly accommodate that request.

Want a hype intro for a 14-year old’s viral Tik Tok video?  …No hizzie in the shizzie.  I got you, fam (OK maybe that one’s a stretch for me!)

"It's so refreshing to have someone who isn't in this work able to write so amazingly and so differently to anything else you see out there. It's like you've just cut thru all the bullsh*t and are saying it as it is without the pastel toned, swifly font, blah de blah. Thank you!
Bronwyn Hamilton
Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Holistic Health Coach

The right choice of words makes a reader feel something and then take action.  Well-crafted words can entertain, inform, persuade, and stir up emotion.

However, even the best writer has limits… A good, ethical writer cannot (and should not):

  • Write any faster than you can – they just write better.
  • Guarantee how long a project will take based on a vague request like, “can you write me a blog?”. That’s why most writers can only give a ball-park quote before speaking to you.
  • Become an expert in your business or industry in 10mins.

Part of a writer’s time is dedicated to becoming an expert through a tonne of research and reading. 

The plus side of this means they’re always up to date on the newest parts of your industry.  And because they start from an unbiased slate often means they see fresh perspectives and interesting angles that you and your peers might miss. 

That’s how a good writer can make you stand out from your industry with a fresh voice.

  • Over-hype your product or service.

If what you’re selling sucks, people are going to find out eventually, so you might as well be honest about what it can and can’t do. 

A good writer conveys the benefits of what you sell in the clearest, most compelling and persuasive way possible. 

A bad writer uses a million hyperbolic adjectives like “awesome”, “mind-blowing”, “best-ever”, “greatest”, or “works wonders” to hide that the thing you sell sucks. 

Your audience isn’t stupid, but they are bored as hell with overinflated promises and egoic self-puffery.  They want the facts without the f*ckery.

  • Make people buy things that they don’t want to.

Our job is to sell the right thing to the right people, full stop. 

As marketing legend, Eugene Swartz once said, “Copy cannot create desire for a product.  It can only take the hopes, dreams, fears and desires that already exist in the hearts of millions of people, and focus those already existing desires onto a particular product.”

Dominique is brilliant at crystallising and simplifying your message. Dom brings an intuitive understanding and enthusiasm for your business and its positioning, and the message you are trying to convey. The wording for my award application not only conveyed the genius I have in words I could not and would probably not ever put on paper, but it also cemented me as a finalist. I am super relieved to have someone who gets me, and I will be sending loads more work her way!
Kath Clarke
Personal Brand Strategist