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My family were always active.  Weekends were spent swimming and playing sports, and holidays were often cycling and walking ones.


It was a only natural that I got an active job at the local sports centre; I spent a shit load of my time there anyway.  I became a lifeguard, sports coach and gym instructor, I loved it, and luckily I was bloody good at it.


I didn’t realise, however, that whilst I was brought up with a perfect attitude to exercise, I also was being given the classic bias around food and body image; food is either good or bad, and being fat is the worst thing you can be.  Many of the people in my life hated their body’s and had ridiculously low self-esteem.  Not that they ever let on in public.  People don’t.  It just comes out in passing comments, and the judgemental remarks made about others.


I eventually opened a gym a few weeks before my 30th birthday (the one in the pic), and whilst I was proud that it was an open, relaxed and inclusive gym, it also followed the industry line that fat is unhealthy, and that diet and exercise will fix it.


I was wrong.


My landlord sold the gym building after 6 years of us being open, which gave me a lot of free time whilst looking for new premises.  It was then that I discovered the Body Positivity and Health at Every Size movements.  I soon learned that everything we had been taught about exercise, diet and obesity was wrong.  It is just accepted in the fitness world that not many clients would achieve their goals, and even fewer would actually turn up to the gym often enough for that to even be a possibility.  And still, it didn’t occur to me that the tools we offered and advice we gave was just flat out wrong.


Needless to say, I never did open that new gym!


My aim now is to educate people that living a full, happy, and positive life will bring them far more joy and good health than a 1200-calorie diet, a weight loss workout and a shit body image ever would.  I don’t want to see anyone else hate themselves as much as the people close to me did/do.  Life is way too short for that.


Care to join me in the revolution to take back our lives?

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