Elizabeth’s Story

HOW DID YOUR STORY BEGIN? “I was very skinny as a kid and always ate like a horse. When I finished high school I gained weight. Since then have had many doctors comment on it. We struggled to conceive our first child and so I started going to the gym. I soon slid down the slippery slope of restrictive eating and meal replacement shakes. It was a struggle to reduce calorie intake whilst still wanting good homemade food. I have a love-hate relationship with my weight in that I don’t like how heavy I am but am not willing to fall back into the yo-yo diet trap. I find it hard to reconcile my feelings about both the super-skinny and the heavy versions of myself.”

DOES YOUR STORY STILL AFFECT YOU? “Yes, I still find it hard to wear some of the types of clothing I would like, and I would like to love my body as it is – but have come to the conclusion that this is me and I need to be healthy, not skinny.”

We’re going to change throughout our lives. Very few of us keep the same proportions into adulthood as we had when we were teenagers. Learning to accept these changes just as Liz is doing is so important for a happy and respectful life.

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