Paralysed By Paint

Too many choices not only restrict our ability to make decisions (decision paralysis), but it often also gives more weight and importance to the choice than is really necessary. I went paint shopping at the weekend and was astounded by the utterly ridiculous number of colours I had to pick from.  Do I really need […]

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oddly, I love bodybuilding

For someone who hates gyms and the whole fitness industry, I’ve got to say, I still bloody love the sport (art?) of bodybuilding. THAT is what the fitness industry was designed for. It was made for the technicalities that building physiques like theirs demand. Where every rep, every kilogram, and every calorie really could make […]

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Fancy Ice Poles

I decided I wanted ice poles.  They are bloody perfect bits of deliciousness for when you fancy something sweet but aren’t actually hungry.  Normally I just get the basic cheap-as-shit ones, but this time I got tempted into buying something fancy.  Big mistake. Cheap ice poles are perfect precisely because they’re basic and cheap.  They […]

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A Month to Get Become a Qualified PT

The fitness industry (and its clients) measures a personal trainer’s ability to do their job by how many certifications they have. They’re always so proudly listed on the “Meet the Team” board in the gym. Seriously, there’s a fucking certificate for every bit of kit in existence… ropes, kettlebells, TRX, circuit training, Bosu, Swiss ball. […]

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Grey-Suited F*ckery

My girlfriend and I have just had a conversation about politics, and that’s quite unusual for me nowadays.  It’s strange because 3 years ago I was an avid follower of the grey-suited fuckery that goes down in the halls of Parliament.  Now, I see it in a different light. Politics is nothing more than a […]

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