Retry the couscous

When I was about 13, I went on a school exchange trip to France and tried couscous for the time. It was part of the French school cafeteria lunch tray and was so far removed from the standard English ham sandwiches I was used to. I was a really choosy eater as a kid, so […]

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I’m not a student anymore

My Mum’s favourite exasperated complaint about me when I was a young adult was, “You live like a student”. Shit was always haphazardly strewn around me – normally there were at least three art or science projects going on, random college work across the floor, and a shit tonne of cleanish clothes piled up waiting […]

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Paralysed By Paint

Too many choices not only restrict our ability to make decisions (decision paralysis), but it often also gives more weight and importance to the choice than is really necessary. I went paint shopping at the weekend and was astounded by the utterly ridiculous number of colours I had to pick from.  Do I really need […]

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Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Ugh, I hate the terms, “tips and tricks”, and “hacks” so damn much. But the words do reveal a lot about what we think of ourselves as humans. We can’t think very highly of ourselves if we believe that we can trick our body or mind into acting in a way it isn’t already. Or […]

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Summer rain

The rain is tinkling down my window. But it’s not the sound that I love the most about summer rain, it’s the smell. Oh hells, it’s the most delicious smell. I only know that because I pause to pay attention. Pause. Breathe. Take this second in. It won’t happen in this way ever again. You’re […]

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British Spider Groups are Weird

I am moving to Australia and that’s mostly awesome. Except that I have arachnophobia, and good old Oz is famously home to loads of big and bitey spiders. So, I joined a couple of spider ID groups on Facebook to try and cure my fears – a British one and an Australian one, and the […]

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A Quiet Confidence

I have just returned from a walk with mine and my brother’s dogs.  I was umm-ing and ah-ing about whether to take both of them out together as the last time I did was not fun at all…  They were eager to get at everything, tripping me up, twisting up leads, sniffing each other’s wee […]

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I am Machine… Really?

How do we treat machines? With love, compassion, and understanding, or… like a machine whose only job is to do what we want? Do we read the instructions to our home printer, treat it to the best quality ink cartridges, and get a highly qualified technician to service it regularly? Or do we just discard […]

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My Dog is a Dickhead

My dog is a complete asshole, and this is for three main reasons: 1) He was never properly trained (long story). 2) He’s a Jack Russell Terrier. 3) He got called Loki after the Norse god of mischief. He’s nearly 10 years old now so I’ve just learned to accept him as the little lovable […]

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Humans Tools of Self-Control

“The truth is that there are no techniques that will motivate people or make them autonomous.  Motivation must come from within, not from techniques.  It comes from deciding they are ready to take responsibility for managing themselves.”  Edward L. Deci, PHD; Why We Do What We Do Trying to motivate yourself to change your behaviour […]

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