The Culture Game

Culture works within a very specific framework of rules. Very few of them are designed to make up happy. Below are some of the ways that the Culture Game has limited and biased our way of thinking, so that we assume that their rules are the ONLY rules.

How deep down this rabbit hole you want to go is up to you. Read all of the information below at once, or none of them ever. It’s your call. Like Morpheus, all I can do is show you the Matrix of the Culture Game. It’s up to you to Neo your ass up, grab your leather jacket, and create your new version of the game.

Feminine Beauty Ideal

Women have two jobs: make babies and look hot. But why?

Your Body is Smarter Than You

This is why you can’t change your body if you try and diet and exercise it into a different shape.

Pre-Suppositions About People

People are predictable. But not in the way you might think. Read this to learn how to interact with people in the Culture Game.

Ob*sity Can Suck It

Everything you know about the dangers of body fat might be wrong.

History of Fitness

A swift jog through history to discover how the Fitness Industry conned us into becoming their customers.