The Project

here's where you'd normally find a sales page...

...but unlike big fitness, i'm not interested in selling you an off-the-shelf workout from a broken industry...

...Instead, let's create a fitness project that actually works for you

Our Weight Loss and Fitness Industries created the desire for a ‘perfect body’, and then sold us ways to get one. 

But the industries were smart…

They saw culture change as more and more of us turned our desires to body positivity rather than beach bodies.  And so Big Fitness repackaged its products as ways to “get fitter and healthier”, instead of skinnier.

Same programmes, same equipment, same systems, same non-existent results, just different marketing buzzwords to get your money.

Think about it… are the new body-positive programmes making you feel healthier, or fitter?  Are you now magically able to stick to them and do them regularly?  Can you actually move any better than you could before?

The Fitness Industry still doesn't make you move better

We deserve to move better and feel deeply alive and connected.  But instead, all we get is a factory produced, diluted version of what movement and health really is.

Never being able to stick to a workout is PROOF that the current way of thinking about movement and health doesn’t work.  We can’t rely on old systems anymore.

We need to create new ones.

So I’m inviting you to be part of a Project to help you do just that.  It’s a Project in which you discover for yourself what it means to thrive in your own body.

And to create this Project all you have to do is read a blog…

It won’t cost you anything to read except the energy needed to click the “read” button. 

I’m not charging money to be part of the Project, because this is an experiment.  I believe that the way we change the way we move is to change the story we tell ourselves about movement.  But I don’t know yet if that’s true.  I don’t know if it’ll work for others as it worked for me.  So I’m asking you to take a leap of faith and find out.

If you can see the value in what I share, thank me by forwarding this website to someone like you looking to get out of a broken and unfair system.  I won’t say no to you  buying me a coffee.  But don’t feel obligated to.

Just be part of something. 

be part of a change