First off, take a huge fricking bow, you wondrous human, you!  You’ve done something that very few people can… and that’s to question whether the weight loss industry is really working for you.

Don’t be all bashful, I know that you’re doubting it.  If you weren’t, you wouldn’t have found yourself on this page.  You’d be checking out Weight Watchers (oh I’m sorry, WW!) membership deals, or flipping through the latest ass and arm workouts in Women’s Health magazine.  But you aren’t.  Instead, you’re here, snuggled up in the safe, warm, digital arms of the Anti-Fitness Project.

But I know that leaving the weight loss industry is a scary thought.  Whilst some days it feels right, a lot of the time it feels so fucking wrong too.  We like the safety of rules, even if they clearly aren’t in our best long-term interest.  Whilst you KNOW that diets and workouts have NEVER fulfilled their promises, leaving them behind to leap into the unknown just seems plain dumb, right?!

Some days you think you’re doing great with your body acceptance journey, right?  But I know you can’t help glancing at the nutrition label still.  And you probably rush past the mirror on your naked way into the shower too?  And it all feels so gross and stupid because you KNOW logically that the weight loss industry just wants your cash, and that they don’t have the answer.  But even so, your eye still catches the headlines that read, “Did you hear about THIS weight loss secret; it really works?”.

It’s a constant battle between wanting more from your life but still being stuck in this “meh” existence of not quite feeling good enough or thin enough.  Are you just waiting until the “real” thinner you emerges before you can start living life properly?

Well, that shit ends here, got it?  Trust me (I know you don’t know me in RL so that’ll also feel weird), I’ve got you.  And by the time we’re done, you won’t need any rules except for the ones the universe gave you when you were born – the ones that tell us how to “human” right.  Yes, you weren’t forgotten when the rulebooks were handed out, you had one too.  It’s just that culture does a bloody brilliant job of making you forget how to use it.  After all our materialist culture makes more money if you have to rely on them for the rules.

So, now you have a choice to make…

You can continue the old story of calorie counting, exercise, and being told what to do.  I send you off with love and good luck, because our journey together ends here.

Or you can choose a different way of living, where you stand to gain:

  • to live a new story where life, contentment, happiness is your main focus.
  • a good relationship with your body instead of a constant desire for a thinner one.
  • a calm wisdom about whether you are eating or exercising properly.
  • the real you back regardless of your body shape and a path to a life which will ignite your soul.

If you want to join me on THAT adventure, then click here to see how you can work with me.