Your Self-Esteem

We live in a capitalist society, and capitalism works a hell of a lot better for the people making the money if their citizens hate themselves.  Plus, keeping women busy on the endless pursuit of youth, beauty and health, makes them less likely to start a revolution against the system.



But it’s time now that you learned to show yourself some respect.  You got into this coaching with me because you wanted to improve your diet, fitness and mindset.  But are you more likely to do that with respect or with hatred?  Even child behavioural experts and dog trainers know positive training methods get much better results than using punishment.



Don’t worry, I’m not expecting you to love your body, so don’t worry if that seems far too difficult.  You wouldn’t be a failure if you didn’t fall in love with every curve and stretch mark.  All I’m asking you to learn is how to show your body some respect, and that means treating it as you would treat a loved child.



You are your body are a team, and you’re together forever.  So you may as well get on with each other!

Playing on the fear of being kicked out of the tribe is so easy for the Culture Game to play on.  Our Animal Brain’s are wired to fit in.  And culture have set the standards on what how we need to look to do just that.


Unfortunately for us, they have picked an aesthetic standard which 95% of the population are genetically unable to meet.  It’s nothing to do with being lazy or greedy.  Your body is probably just not capable.  It would be like trying to squash a Doberman’s body in a Dachshund’s. 


Click here for the worksheet to discover how you have interpreted the Culture Game’s rule on self-esteem.

Unlike most other coaches, I am not going to tell you what to do right now.  That’s not going to help.  I mean it hasn’t before has it?  Only you know which suggestions for change are likely to fit in with your life, your brain, and your budget.



Instead, I am going to give you the information and let you decide.  Of course, I am here to help, if you need me.  But the decision in the end, is all yours.



DAILY HABITS – Click for the PDF






Thought Journal

Mirror Work

– Who Are You?

Celebrate Your Awesome Self

Click here to download your New Rule Framework.  This provides you with a space to collate all the work you have been doing, and to give you a clear path forwards.


Don’t rush this part.  Be clear and stack the odds in your favour.  You have a unique personality which means you need a unique rule to fit in with your life.