Your Stories

I get that you might not be brave enough yet. Your story is massive and painful, and you get reminded of it every day. You think you are doomed to live forever according to diet culture rules and the body hatred that they bring.

The time to change is now… WE’VE GOT YOU!

I want to show you that you’re not alone in how you feel. Let me share with you some of the stories that my gang of brave little weirdos have entrusted me with. They wanted to show you that we’re all in this together.


Check out my story, to see how I went from a gym -owning personal trainer, to a fitness and diet culture hating body advocate.


Clare tells you how to stop the battle you are having with your clothes sizes and learn to respect your body again.


Has your body changed significantly? Read how Liz is learning to accept the changes her body went through.


TW: Sexual abuse. I am so proud of CL for sharing her brave story. Inspiring woman.

Share Your Story and Help Change the Culture Forever

If you think that you have a story that it would help others to hear (whatever stage of your evolution you are in) then hit the button below and fill in the story form. Help me get rid of this fucked up diet and weight loss culture forever.