The Anti-Fitness Project

the Fitness Industry wasn’t created for people like us

Sticking to a fitness routine is hard, right?  Even the ‘fun’ fitness classes taught by body-positive personal trainers suck out your will to live after a while.

And, of course, you’ve always blamed yourself for not keeping up a routine: “I’m too lazy”, “Exercise is too boring/hard/complicated/expensive/etc etc etc”

What if I told you that none of that is true, and that you’re not the one to blame… 

...the blame lies with the Fitness Industry itself

The Fitness Industry wasn’t made for individuals, especially not for individuals like you.  The way we’re taught to move is just another part of of our culture’s toxic mass-consumerist system which is only interested in our cash.

This system survives by conning people with false promises and complicated programmes that work for very few people whilst leaving the rest of us with less money and nothing to show for it except body shame and back ache.

The problem is, though, there’s no alternative to this Big Fitness system if we want to get healthier and feel better.

So are we just doomed to spend eternity stuck searching for a workout we vaguely enjoy and can force ourselves to stick to for longer than a month?  Do we have to spend the rest of forever in a Big Fitness maze of Lycra wearers and 18-year-old trainers telling us we just need to “make the time to workout”?

Hells, no…

We Can DO Better than that

Instead of relying on an industry designed to do nothing more than ship you mass-produced, easy-to-package, watered-down versions of fitness and movement, you could try a different tactic…

…instead of just accepting what they have to offer as the best there is, you could – with my help – figure out for yourself how to move in a way that fits your life and your body.

Rather than just learn how to EXERCISE, you could instead learn how to use movement to grow, explore, reconnect, and find joy, peace, wonder, fun, and magic, as well as actually MOVE BETTER.

Movement is for more than just burning calories and building muscles.  it even goes deeper than simply being a way to find good health.  Not that you’d ever know that if you’ve only been exposed to the Fitness Industry’s version of it.

Join The Anti-Fitness Project to discover what movement really is, and get out of the mass-produced, toxic, body shaming, consumerist culture of Big Fitness FOREVER.  It’s time you stopped believing the industry lie that it’s your fault you’re unfit and that all you need to do is find something more fun, more ‘scientific’, or more efficient. 

The Anti-Fitness Project isn’t about just finding a way to exercise which suits you.  We’re here to destroy the whole f*cking Fitness Industry system and rebuild something to take its place, right from the bottom up. 

We need to rethink movement like human beings again, instead of continuing to act like we’re just cogs in a factory of fitness waiting for the production lines to finally create something that works. 

Join me in reclaiming your body and learn to move without relying on a fitness “expert” to teach you the rules of a broken system.

Big Fitness and its factories of fitness have taught you to think you can’t move without them… 

...It’s time to learn how