Fuck International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a bunch of bollocks.  Yep, I said it.  I’m a feminist and I said it. TBH, I even forgot that’s what today was.  It’s the day where females become the lead story in the media, where Facebook frames are changed to reflect the official Women’s Day logo or hashtag, and where […]

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My Sh*tty free pen

There’s a printer cartridge company I use solely because it gives away a free pen with every order.  But it’s not just any shitty free pen.  Oh no!  This shitty free pen is one of the best writing implements I’ve ever used – even better than the expensive Parker pens that I buy to feed […]

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Shortest or fastest?

I was away for the weekend driving in completely unknown areas so had to rely entirely on a sat-nav to get me about. Halfway through one trip, it proudly announced, “The route ahead has 10 minutes of delays so I have rerouted you”. I found it so fricking strange that my tech would assume that […]

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a damn good quote…

I love a good quote, and this is a GOOD quote… “Childhood has become a process of breaking the human spirit so that we are indeed content to live the lives that are offered to us by the modern economy.” Charles Eisenstein Muse over that for a while. Where does it take your thoughts, fears, […]

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The Apprentice

I’ve been binge-watching old series of The Apprentice – the original series obviously, not the shitty celebrity ones which are won and lost according to who has the richest celebrity friends.  I’m watching the ones which show how “real business” should be done.  And honestly, I forgot how manipulative their sale processes were. Their entire […]

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Caroline Flack

I just found out that today is Social Media Kindness Day, which was set up to commemorate Caroline Flack’s death (a British celebrity who sadly took her own life). I found this piece written by Russell Brand about her and the media. I believe it’s really important reading. (You can find the original post here […]

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No More Goldfish

Words often get cut from the dictionary.  Old, unused words get replaced by newer ones, more relevant to our society.  It makes sense.  But it also reveals a lot about the direction our culture is taking. I just read an article written in 2017 by http://www.savingwild.com which said that these words were removed from the […]

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Do you know?

“Only human beings have come to a point where they no longer know why they exist. They have forgotten the secret knowledge of their bodies, their senses, their dreams.” Lame Deer, Richard Erdoes I’ll just leave that one with you, yeah?

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500 days away from my girl

My girl, Naomi, lands on UK soil in 32 days!  I’m so f*cking excited. To catch you up if you’re new here, she’s Australian.  And because of stupid global fuckery, I haven’t seen her in person for almost 500 days.  It’s been a long ol’ wait, for sure! However, there is a downside to this […]

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Retry the couscous

When I was about 13, I went on a school exchange trip to France and tried couscous for the time. It was part of the French school cafeteria lunch tray and was so far removed from the standard English ham sandwiches I was used to. I was a really choosy eater as a kid, so […]

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I exercise in jeans

I’ve always found the idea of exercise clothes weird. Obviously, there is some specialist stuff for certain activities, like martial arts pajamas, or fencing jackets, or Lycra for shaving 0.008 seconds off a sprint time. That’s not what I mean. I’m talking about “activewear”. Very few types of general exercise require a costume change when […]

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I’m not a student anymore

My Mum’s favourite exasperated complaint about me when I was a young adult was, “You live like a student”. Shit was always haphazardly strewn around me – normally there were at least three art or science projects going on, random college work across the floor, and a shit tonne of cleanish clothes piled up waiting […]

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Paralysed By Paint

Too many choices not only restrict our ability to make decisions (decision paralysis), but it often also gives more weight and importance to the choice than is really necessary. I went paint shopping at the weekend and was astounded by the utterly ridiculous number of colours I had to pick from.  Do I really need […]

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Facebook’s f*ck up helped me

Facebook going down yesterday reminded me of something important.  That I have handed over ALL control of my business marketing voice to these social media platforms. I have about 1500 followers over Facebook and Instagram, but if those platforms disappear, my business would be screwed.  How would I even begin to find that many people […]

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Weight Loss is a Pyramid scheme

I recently watched the excellent documentary mini-series “LuLaRich”, about the MLM, LulaRoe, and it got me to thinking.  The Weight Loss Industry is pretty similar to an MLM/pyramid scheme really, isn’t it? You’re told that the because the system works for a few people, it’ll work for everyone. You’re told that if the system doesn’t […]

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You’re Not Special

I hate to break it to you, but you’re not special. You are a fricking delightful, exceptional individual whose presence in the universe is very much needed. But you’re no more special than anyone else. Remember that, when you’re calling people a wanker for taking more toilet roll, or fuel, or milk than you think […]

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