I’ve Been Selfish

My business was built on bravery.  I was the personal trainer who chose to call out the fitness industry for their shitty industry practices.  But since then, I’ve sort of plateaued when it’s come to the bravery stakes.  Between then and now, the shit I know and have experienced has skyrocketed, but have been far […]

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Intuitive Eating Sucks

Yesterday I shared a post in my Facebook group which suggested that feeding a child a bowl of sugar for breakfast may not be a great idea, which seemed like a sensible observation. Most of the comments on it were along the lines of, no food is bad food and that children should be intuitive […]

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Grey-Suited F*ckery

My girlfriend and I have just had a conversation about politics, and that’s quite unusual for me nowadays.  It’s strange because 3 years ago I was an avid follower of the grey-suited fuckery that goes down in the halls of Parliament.  Now, I see it in a different light. Politics is nothing more than a […]

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Veg A or Veg B?

We all love to think that we have full autonomy over our own lives. Yes, yes, we might have to follow the laws of the land and pay taxes, but apart from that we’re our own people, right? Wrong. Culture sets the framework of our lives. It tells us what the rules are. But it […]

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PODCAST: Motivation

Are you confused about motivation and how to get it? Or do you think you should already have it and are beating yourself up? Listen to Naomi’s and Dominique’s musings about all things motivation here.

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Wait For It…

Time as we know it isn’t a thing. It was made up. Numbers and calenders and clocks made profit-making and record-keeping easier, but that doesn’t make time a universal truth. The universe keeps its own time. Universal time is kept by a cyclical, constantly recurring series of natural phenomena. Human time is simply a linear […]

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Surrendering is the Best Way Forward

Deep listening used to be an issue for me.  If I’m honest, I would listen just enough to confirm that my preconceptions and presumptions were true.  This was especially true in my professional life.  As a coach, I would often, like most rookie trainers, only hear the parts of a client’s conversations that I could […]

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Stop Being So F**king Mean

Words have power but we throw them around so easily. What you say quite literally creates the version of the world that you live in. So, in a world when you choose to refer to yourself as “gross”, “disgusting”, “lazy”, and worse, do you really think you are going to want to do the things […]

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Dear Body, I Trust You

When we trust a book, or an app, or a smartwatch/phone/scale/whatever more than we trust our own body it should read as a warning sign. A clear signal that we may be veering off in the wrong direction. I mean, how arrogant would a culture need to be to presume that they could invent technology […]

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We Steal Exercise From Ourselves

I often say that our movement has been stolen from us by the Fitness Industry. But let’s be honest, they didn’t have to steal anything… we give it to them. Our culture trains humans to be non-movers right from childhood… “Jonny, sit down”. “Naomi, don’t climb on that”. “Billy, stop jumping on the sofa… no […]

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Get Out of Your Own Way

“I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit.” Elizabeth Gilbert I haven’t posted a blog for ages. I got in my own way. And when that happens I find all manner of elegant excuses not to do the things my […]

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Seth Godin’s Panes of Glass

Seth Godin is my favourite person on the internet. He is wise beyond measure and a kick-ass marketing guru. This is his last blog… We have windowpanes because glass used to be really expensive. Panes allowed us to use smaller sheets, with the added bonus that if one broke, you could simply replace part of […]

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Snake or Rope?

My awesome mindset coach, Emily Chadbourne, recounted a famous analogy during a group session this morning… Imagine you glimpsed a snake in the corner of your vision. You’d likely spin around super quick, with a pumping heart, muscles tensed, and possibly a little bit of wee trickling down your thigh. But what happens when you […]

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Could You Blow Up a Building?

About 3 years ago I read a statement about people that changed my entire world… People are doing the best that they can with the tools that they have available at the time. Neuro-Linguistic Programming Law Read that again. People are always doing their best. What their best displays itself as is based on upbringing, […]

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My GF is Wise AF

Because of pandemics and 6 months of honeymoon love, I found myself in the position of spending the last year sitting down whilst eating a tonne of crisps. And as well as the delightful salty snacks, and sofa cuddles, I also gained a different body shape. And I loved every second of it. That is, […]

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Modern Exercise is Like Junk Food

I read a LOT. The last wisdom-filled pages I read were written by Katy Bowman in her collection of essays titled, “Movement Matters”. And it is a fucking excellent book. It’s refreshing to find someone else who shares my view of modern exercise. Most people can’t speak about movement unless it is through a Fitness […]

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THE Weight

“I have to lose THE weight”.  “The” is used in English to differentiate between information that is known and information that is not known to the reader.  If I said, “THE town”, I’d assume you’d know which town I was talking about.  The location of “A town” is far more ambiguous. Saying, “THE weight” implies […]

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Flesh Vases and Dick Flowers

“The history of Western Art is just men painting female flesh vases for their dick flowers”. Hannah Gadsby If I didn’t have an Australian girlfriend I don’t think I’d ever have heard of the comedian, Hannah Gadsby. I’ve now appointed myself as her top cheerleader. And part of that duty includes telling you to get […]

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