A Month to Get Become a Qualified PT

The fitness industry (and its clients) measures a personal trainer’s ability to do their job by how many certifications they have. They’re always so proudly listed on the “Meet the Team” board in the gym. Seriously, there’s a fucking certificate for every bit of kit in existence… ropes, kettlebells, TRX, circuit training, Bosu, Swiss ball. […]

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Humans Tools of Self-Control

“The truth is that there are no techniques that will motivate people or make them autonomous.  Motivation must come from within, not from techniques.  It comes from deciding they are ready to take responsibility for managing themselves.”  Edward L. Deci, PHD; Why We Do What We Do Trying to motivate yourself to change your behaviour […]

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Grey-Suited F*ckery

My girlfriend and I have just had a conversation about politics, and that’s quite unusual for me nowadays.  It’s strange because 3 years ago I was an avid follower of the grey-suited fuckery that goes down in the halls of Parliament.  Now, I see it in a different light. Politics is nothing more than a […]

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Veg A or Veg B?

We all love to think that we have full autonomy over our own lives. Yes, yes, we might have to follow the laws of the land and pay taxes, but apart from that we’re our own people, right? Wrong. Culture sets the framework of our lives. It tells us what the rules are. But it […]

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